Facade Design

Kingswood Aluminium sets a high standard in quality, high performance facade design. With over 40 years of experience in the facade industry.

Visual Mock Ups

Combination of full scale visual mock ups and 3D printed pre tooling custom extrusions.
Kingswood Aluminium sets a high standard in high quality, high performance facade design. With over 40 years of experience in the facade industry, Kingswood Aluminum has a wealth of knowledge and resources to develop class leading curtain wall systems. All of the curtain wall systems used in our designs are exclusive to Kingswood Aluminium. We continually develop new systems to meet the ever changing and challenging specifications and green star requirements. Together with virtual trials and testing, engineering and real world testing, Kingswood Aluminium can develop a facade system to meet any buildings requirements.
As early as the tender stage of a project, the design office is involved to determine the correct suite to use. From manufacture and installation feasibility to the aesthetics of the system to ensure the sales team offers the correct option. The design team works tirelessly developing the perfect suite to meet the project requirements, right through the fabrication process ensuring an economical and reliable build and then a setout design for a smooth installation on site considering all factors such as loading bays and crane locations.
Throughout the construction phase, the design team provides site with cast-in location drawings, proposed setout and design shop drawings.
Kingswood Aluminium has the capability of sharing high work loads with our Thailand based design office. The Thailand office has a carefully selected team of experienced designers with both manufacturing and facade backgrounds.
The Adelaide office continually works closely with the team in Thailand, together developing new and improved facade suites drawing on their manufacturing knowledge and experience. Thus, developing an entire process into the facade design. This reduces fabrication error and unforeseen issues sourcing materials.


The design office utilizes a combination of 2D drafting and 3D modelling using industry standard software. Capable of providing 3D models of our designs to integrate into a federated BIM model.

During the design of a custom aluminium suite, extrusions are virtually tested for thermal and stress properties for an economical design.

Visual Mock Up

Combining 3D CAD models and 3D printed models of a proposed suite in early stages of design, Kingswood Aluminium can relay our vision to the client in a fast and accurate manor.

Full scale 3D printed parts allows checking of snap in beads and covers and to confirm that mating sections fit as intended.

All 3D printed parts are created in our design office directly from our 3D models. In the case that Kingswood Alminium has developed an entirely new aluminium suite for our client, printing 3D parts we can demonstrate to our client the true scale of the custom aluminum extrusions we have developed for the project. This helps speed up the approval process across the project, from the architectural decisions through to the extrusion die development.

Full Scale Visual Mock Up

When appearance is paramount or new and unused materials are to be used, Kingswood Aluminium can provide full scale mockups of the proposed facade system. From aluminium finishes, glass types to customised sunshade systems.

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Sky City Adelaide

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Kingswood Aluminium recognises the challenges of acoustic, structural & thermal performance all needing to be achieved in conjunction with aesthetic expectations.

We work closely with several certified Australian facade engineering firms to ensure our curtain wall systems meet Australian Standards and perform to the required specifications.

Kingswood Aluminium has built a close working relationship with some of Australia’s largest facade engineering firms.

Facade Testing

When developing new facade suites to meet demanding specifications, Kingswood Aluminium will perform full scale testing for wind pressures, water penetration and acoustics.

Kingswood Aluminium are certified to AS/NZS ISO9001 Quality Management Systems for the Supply of Architectural and Specialised Aluminium, Glass, Cladding and Facade Systems The ISO9001 standard contains requirements for a Quality Management System, which are used by Kingswood Aluminium to demonstrate its capability to meet client satisfaction and for assessment of the system by our own internal auditors and external parties. The Management System requirements provided in our Quality Manual are complimentary to specified technical requirements for Kingswood Aluminium’s product, services and procedures. This Quality Manual forms part of the quality system operating within Kingswood Aluminium Pty Ltd, in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO9001: 2015

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